Saturday, April 18, 2009

Past Layouts: 2009

Here are some of the other layouts I have done in 2009 but haven't posted. Again, I will try my best to give proper credit.

This is called Snowflakes Too by Snowsmoons Design

I can't remember where this kit or template came from.

The kit I used for this is called Hearts as One by Snowsmoons Design

This one is a collaboration kit by Snowsmoons Design and Bon Scrapatit Designs, It is called Interludes, one of my favorite kits ever!

This kit is called Love Me Tender by Bon Scrapatit Designs

This kit is by Snowsmoons Design, and she made it for Kim B's color challenge, but I can't remember the name of it.

This kit is a collb called Grosgrain Girl. I am pretty sure the people involved are Mel_h, Vicki's A Work in Progress, and Staceys Scraps.

I can't remember anything about this layout.

I really hope you like this post :)

Past Layouts: 2008

I wanted to post some of my older layouts that I have on this computer to show more of my experience with digital scrapbooking. All of these were created in 2008. I am not sure if I can give credits to all of them, but will try my best :)

This one is a kit by Snowsmoons Design called Bugs Alive

I can't remember this kit, but it is one of my favorite layouts, I love BJ's expression in the photo.

This one is called Summer Wedding by Bon Scrapatit Designs

I know the name of this kit is called Gettin' Around but can't remember the name of the designer.

This one is by Snowsmoons Design, but I can't remember the name of the kit. I hope everyone enjoys these layouts, I am off to post again with my other layouts from 2009 :)

Spring Carnival!!!!

I took my boys to a spring carnival at Mikey's school. We played a few games, ate some yummy food, and hung our with our friends! They had so much fun and Mommy had fun taking a few photos!!!!! I made this layout using 5 different kits! A few of my friends challenged ourselves to create a layout using multiple kits because we usually use just one at a time while making our pages. I had a fun time making this! Credits are as follows:

Brown paper, and heart tag are from Summer Love by: Dragon Fly Designs
Multi dot paper, and rainbow are from Saturday Afternoon by: Jennifer Fox Designs
Lined paper, and piece of tape are from Special Love by: Pri Rocha Designs
Sun and the 3 ribbons are from Spring Showers by: Allison Pennington
The triple photo frame is from Circle Game by: Wetfish Designs
All of these awesome kits are available at as part of their Capture the Flag contest.

I hope you love my page!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another tribute to Twilight

I finally got ahold of some extra money and bought the most awesome kits! They are called the Saga Collection by Pimp Your Scrapbook. The kits were inspired by the Twilight books. Anyways, I thought my first layout made with them should be Twilight themed. I snagged some pics from photobucket and used the The Renewal portion, and the little hangy thing and the rose came from the Happily Ever after portion. It is kind of still a work in progress, but I wantes to show it off anyways :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

I love summer!

Hey everyone! I had the most awesome day yesterday! My Mom drove us to the beach, and we played in the sand with BJ and Xander. They had so much fun! They wouldn't go near the water though, so we had a huge mess in the car when we went home. Here is the first of probably many pages done from the beach pics, my Mom took 178! The kit is Kim B's portion of the Spring Blossom blog train.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Sharing some stuff

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a LO I did and show off my new fave skill..... making tags! It is so fun! The kit I used for the layout is called Basic Weekend by Snowsmoons Design, you can find it here. That link is to her portion of the store at One Single Seed. It is super pretty, I really enjoyed working on it. The kit I used to make the tag is called Brighten Up, by Delicious Scraps.

Hope you enjoy these :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This girl is on a roll tonight!

I just cranked out another layout for my wonderful Mom, Snowsmoons Design! This kit is a collab done by her and her awesome friend Monna Lainson. It is called Burst of Spring and will be available soon at One Single Seed. I am off to bed now as I believe my creative juices have run out for the evening!

This is awesome!

I just completed one of my fave layouts ever! I was looking around some of the freebie sites I frequent for a template to use for this new kit my Mom made and as soon as I saw it I envisioned this layout. It was the perfect template for the concept I wanted!!!!! The Template is #128 by Pencil Lines. The kit is called My Little Pirate by Snowsmoons Design, coming soon to One Single Seed. The photos are my sweet little pirate Javi :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Confession Type Layout

So, I am infatuated with the Twilight Saga. I read all 4 books very quickly, each one took about 5.5 hours each, I literally could not put them down except for when absolutely necessary. I bought the DVD on the second day it came out, we went home and I immediately put it in my computer and put my headphones on so I could watch it without interruption :) I am in love with the story, the true meaning of forever, and happily ever after. This series of books just describes it in such an interesting way. I love it :) Anyways the point of this post is to show off a layout I did about Twilight, my favorite book in the series Breaking Dawn. I used a kit called Interludes, it went perfect with how I wanted the layout to come out. The kit is done by Snowsmoons Design and Bon Scrapatit Designs. The template is by MandaK.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I made a cute layout today of my oldest son Mikey. As soon as I saw this kit I knew it would look awesome with some pics of him that my Mom gave me. The kit is called Bamboo Zen by Wyld Web Designs over at Scrap Matters. She is part of the Design Star Challenge there.

Hope you like!

Monday, March 23, 2009

New Layout!

Hey everyone, I just finished this layout and wanted to show it off! I used a Template by Michelle Filo for the Pencil Lines Blog. It is template #126. The awesome kit I used is called My Life by Stolen Moments. I learned how to edit photos a little so I played with this one, I really like how it came out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome and Hello!

Hello to everyone out there in the scrapping world. Just making my scrap blog for everyone to see my work :) Here is two layouts I did last night:

This is my middle son Javi, he's three and a comedian (or so he thinks ;) I used Snowsmoons Design portion of Burst of Spring, a collab by Snowsmoons Design and Monna Lainson Designs. This will be available at very soon!
This is my youngest son Xander, my sweet little baby. I used a kit from the Indulgence challenge at
I have been doing digital scrapping for a few years now, it is really fun and relaxing and gives me a good excuse to take tons of pictures! So here is my first post, hope you enjoy!